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Winnipeg swim spas appeal to a wide range of uses, with both an area to swim and multiple places to sit and relax with powerful massage jets. Swim spas in Winnipeg can be used in so many ways, it is easy to see why they are the smart choice when considering a swimming product for your home. They can be run year round or run seasonally, depending on your preference.

Swim spas can be set up outside or enclosed into stand-alone structures or additions. You can regulate the temperature from swimming temperature all the way to 104 degrees. Shop our amazing selection online or come down to our Winnipeg swim spa showroom to meet with one of our swim spa specialists to find the perfect fit for your home.

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Coast Spas, Recreation Collection

Engage in your favorite water games, invigorating exercises, or simply relish the breathtaking moments of sunrise or sunset while immersed in pristine waters right in your backyard.

Plunge Series: Delight in the excitement of open water adventures! This series provides a complete spa experience, perfect for the entire family to frolic in, along with an additional hydrotherapy seat for indulgent relaxation.

Lifestyle Series: Experience the best of both worlds with the exhilaration of the Plunge Series, now enhanced with swim resistance jets for uninterrupted and boundless swimming in place. Dive into a world of endless possibilities.


Plunge Series

1302 Bench

Lifestyle Series

1400 VE

Lifestyle Series




Coast Spas, Peformance Collection

Enhance Your Health and Fitness Journey: Dive into a World of Swim, Exercise, and Recovery. Designed to meet your needs, each Swim Spa offers an expansive swim and workout area, equipped with row bars and resistance bands for optimal training. Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation with the inclusion of recovery and hydrotherapy massage jets. Discover the next level of fitness potential with the Coast Swim Spa Performance Collection.

Sport Series: Unleash the Power of Dynamic Swim Resistance Jets.

Sport Pro Series: Unprecedented Power with Variable Speed Swim Resistance Jets.

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Considering A Swim Spa?

Common Questions

What can I use a Swim Spa for?

Swim spas are the perfect mix of massage therapy, fitness training and even great for just splashing around for fun at any temperature.

Can I swim laps in a Swim Spa?

Swim spas provide a strong current to allow swimmers of all levels the enough resistance to swim in place.

Should I get a Swim Spa or a Hot Tub?

Swim spas provide the same hydro therapeutic benefits of a hot tub and the water resistance to achieve a full cardio, strength and endurance workout. Its important to know what your prime use will be to select the perfect swim spa.

What are the rules & regulations for installing a Swim Spa?

In Winnipeg, swim spas are treated with the same rules as a swimming pool. Refer to the City of Winnipeg 311 service for rules that apply and the permits required. If outside Winnipeg, refer to your local permit office.

Can a Swim Spa go outside?

Yes. Swim Spas can go indoors or outdoors. They can be run seasonally or all year round.

What base do I need for my Swim Spa?

The 2 suggested bases are poured structural concrete or an engineered approved low deck structure.

What things should I consider if I want to buy a Swim Spa?

You want to consider the preparation of the area where the swim spa will go, access to the job site, meeting all local codes like distance from property lines, overhead wires, a self-closing gate if required, proper fencing & distance from your home.

How long will it take to get my Swim Spa after I buy?

Production times for swim spas are usually between 8 to 10 weeks.

How will my Swim Spa be delivered?

Cranes are generally required for delivery of swim spas. Crane charges should be part of your budgeting. Between $1200 and $2200 is average for most projects.

How quickly can I use my swim spa once its installed?

Upon delivery and installation, there are approximately 1-3 days for proper temperature to be set dependent on how you plan to use the swim spa.

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